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Richard Hills:

>>>>That is, must an initial ruling be made by the Director (and
>>>>possibly later be reviewed by an Appeals Committee)??? Or may an
>>>>initial ruling be made by Appeals Committee Number One (and
>>>>possibly later be reviewed by Appeals Committee Number Two)???

Master of Lake-town, October 2008:

>>>I am sorry, Richard, but I have no idea what you are talking about.

David Burn, October 2008:

>>Don't worry - neither does anyone else. Disraeli called Gladstone a
>>"sophisticated rhetorician intoxicated with the exuberance of his own
>>verbosity". This was a bit unfair on Gladstone, but Richard wasn't
>>alive at the time, so Disraeli chose the only target he could.

Anton Witzen:

>Does the word appeal not mean that there is in first instance a decision
>(by a CTD)? That can be appealed? My personal opinion is that an
>appeals committee can't rule without CTD ruling
>I am not native English speaker, so if I am wrong sorry about it.

Richard Hills:

Zero (nix, naught, nothing) Appeals Committees may ++convene++
unless and until the Director in charge provides an initial ruling.

See below a minute from the WBF Laws Committee, 8th September
2009, item 4:

"The committee considered a situation where there had been a
request for a ruling only just within the time limit (Law 92B). This
had created a difficulty for the Director. The committee was of the
view that the Director should provide a ruling before bringing it to
the appeals committee. Laws 84 and 85 are specific and take priority
over any attempt to take the matter directly to the appeals committee."

Richard Hills:


Once an Appeals Committee ++has convened++ in accordance with
Law, what is that AC permitted to do if it discovers a brand new
irregularity while upon its search for truthiness about the putative
irregularity that the AC was mandated to investigate???


"If you will listen to my counsel, you will not trust the Master of the


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