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Nigel Guthrie:

>An unrelated but common example: when a player pulls a wrong card from
>the bidding-box, he can easily convince himself that it was a slip of the [hand]
>rather than a slip of the [mind]. Unless directors lean heavily towards the latter
>interpretation, however, they overly penalize the dwindling rump of honest

Ton Kooijman:

It is not easy to determine whether a call is unintended or not. The TD should
decide it is unintended only if he is convinced that the player never, not even
for a split second, wanted to make that call. An example of a call that certainly
is a big mistake but nevertheless was intended is the following:

North opens 1H, Pass by East and South bids 4C, a splinter showing slam
interest in hearts. West passes and North thinks for a while, eventually
deciding that he is not going to encourage partner to bid a slam. But he forgets
that they are not yet even in game and passes; he discovers his mistake
immediately and calls the TD.

North will tell the TD that he never intended to Pass, but the TD should not
accept this statement. For a split second North thought that Pass was closing
the auction in 4H. He never intended to play in 4C, that is a for sure, but it is
also irrelevant. Another argument to support this decision is that the Pass did
carry information; the player told his partner that he was not interested in slam.


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