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Richard HILLS richard.hills at immi.gov.au
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John (MadDog) Probst, October 2008:

>>>A player with microscopic knowledge of the Law and regulation who is
>>>prepared to lie through his teeth if necessary in order to gain an advantage
>>>under Law, whilst all the time appearing to be innocent.

Richard Hills:

>>"Simplest explanation" and "good faith" are criteria The Doctor should
>>NOT apply when determining if there has been an infraction of Law 73F.
>>Instead the criteria that The Doctor should apply are "could have known"
>>and "no bridge reason".

Nige1 Guthrie:

>Until directors start to rule as Richard implies they should, law-breakers
>will continue to be rewarded and encouraged.

Richard Hills:

In its 2015 revision of the Lawbook, the Drafting Committee may wish to
consider deleting Law 23 and merging its substance into Law 73F. This
would have two advantages:

(1) The current location of Law 23 adjacent to auction-only Laws causes
some to erroneously think that Law 23 does not apply to the play period.

(2) Law 73F's slightly ambiguous "could have known" in 2015 would be
replaced by Law 23's less ambiguous "could have been aware" and "could
well damage".

Richard Hills, many moons ago:

"[Apologies for writing] "Honi soit qui mal y pense" in response to one of
Nigel's earlier postings."

Nigel Guthrie, many moons ago:

"Thank you Richard! But nobody could possibly take offence from your
chiding good humour. I'm afraid that 90+% of BLML TDs think that your
quotation is entirely appropriate to all my TFLB suggestions - even I could
not help laughing!"


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