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Law 46B4 (misquoted by RH):

"If declarer calls a card that is not in dummy the call is void and declarer may
designate any legal card."

Law 46B4, Incomplete or Erroneous Call (correctly quoting its prologue):

"In case of an incomplete or erroneous call by declarer of the card to be
played from dummy, the following restrictions apply (except when declarer's
different intention is incontrovertible):
If declarer calls a card that is not in dummy the call is void and declarer may
designate any legal card."

Laws 46A and 46B are two sides of the same coin.

Law 46A defines correct "should" procedure in calling for a card.
Law 46B defines incorrect "incomplete / erroneous" procedure in calling for a
card, and consequent rectifications for such irregularities.

The Doctor:
"Davros... if you had created a virus in your laboratory, something contagious
and infectious that killed on contact, a virus that would destroy all other forms
of life, would you allow its use?"

"It is an interesting conjecture..."

The Doctor:
"Would you do it?"

"The only living thing... A microscopic organism reigning supreme... A
fascinating idea!..."

The Doctor:
"But would you do it?"

"Yes... Yes... To hold in my hand, a capsule that contains such power... To
know that life and death on such a scale was my choice... To know that the tiny
pressure of my thumb - enough to break the glass - would end everything... Yes!
I would do it! That power would set me up above the gods!"


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