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>Law 46B4:
>“If declarer calls a card that is not in dummy the call is void and  
> declarer may
> designate any legal card.”
>New scenario:
>> Declarer called for the two of spades from dummy. Defender played a  
>> spade.
>> While the dummy did contain small spades, there was no 2 of spades. The
>> answer from the ACBL was that defender’s card was a penalty card.
>> No irregularity, right? Hence no L23 application.
>> Bob
>Newer scenario:
>The contract is 7NT. In the two-card ending dummy is on lead, holding  
> the ace
> of diamonds and the three of spades. Davros knows that RHO holds the ace  
> of
> spades, and Davros also knows that RHO is now void in diamonds.
>So Davros calls, “two of spades”. RHO innocently plays the ace of  
> spades. Now
> Davros summons an ACBL Director:
>(1) That ACBL Director correctly rules that the ace of spades is a  
> penalty card.
> (2) That ACBL Director correctly rules that the ace of diamonds may now  
> be
> called from dummy.
> (3) That ACBL Director incorrectly rules “No irregularity from Davros,  
> so the
> 7NT contract makes.”
>If instead Director Who had been summoned, his Key to Time is:
>Law 46A, Proper Form for Designating Dummy’s Card:
>“When calling a card to be played from dummy declarer ++should++ clearly
> state both the suit and the rank of the desired card.”

Arguably, declarer was not calling a card from dummy. If he was, he named  
suit and rank.

Put another way -- this is a law about proper form, and declarer used  
proper form.

> Introduction:
>“ ..... “should” do (failure to do it is an ++infraction++ jeopardizing  
> the
> infractor’s rights but not often penalized) ..... ”
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