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Law 46B4:

"If declarer calls a card that is not in dummy the call is void and declarer may
designate any legal card."

New scenario:

>Declarer called for the two of spades from dummy. Defender played a spade.
>While the dummy did contain small spades, there was no 2 of spades. The
>answer from the ACBL was that defender's card was a penalty card.
>No irregularity, right? Hence no L23 application.

Newer scenario:

The contract is 7NT. In the two-card ending dummy is on lead, holding the ace
of diamonds and the three of spades. Davros knows that RHO holds the ace of
spades, and Davros also knows that RHO is now void in diamonds.

So Davros calls, "two of spades". RHO innocently plays the ace of spades. Now
Davros summons an ACBL Director:

(1) That ACBL Director correctly rules that the ace of spades is a penalty card.
(2) That ACBL Director correctly rules that the ace of diamonds may now be
called from dummy.
(3) That ACBL Director incorrectly rules "No irregularity from Davros, so the
7NT contract makes."

If instead Director Who had been summoned, his Key to Time is:

Law 46A, Proper Form for Designating Dummy's Card:

"When calling a card to be played from dummy declarer ++should++ clearly
state both the suit and the rank of the desired card."


" ..... "should" do (failure to do it is an ++infraction++ jeopardizing the
infractor's rights but not often penalized) ..... "


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