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Alain Gottcheiner agot at ulb.ac.be
Fri Nov 22 14:52:56 CET 2013

Le 22/11/2013 0:38, Richard HILLS a écrit :
> Herman De Wael:
> >>Someone told me the following case yesterday:
> >>
> >>Declarer plays a diamond.
> >>Before LHO can play to the trick, declarer says "ruff".
> >>LHO plays a low diamond.
> >>Dummy says "you have to follow suit", which is true.
> >>LHO has a higher diamond than all the ones in dummy.
> >>
> >>Can LHO change his played card?
> >>
> >>Herman.
> Peter Eidt:
> >Yes, LHO may change his played card.
> >
> >Law 57 C2 tells us that the diamond ruff is a played card.
> >This played card constitutes a (not-yet-established) revoke, which
> >is not brought to the attention of anybody yet.
> >LHO plays after both hands of declarer have played to the trick.
> >Now the revoke is noticed and declarer has to change his play from dummy.
> >Finally Law 47 D kicks in telling that "After an opponent's change of 
> play
> >a played card may be withdrawn and returned to the hand without further
> >rectification and another card may be substituted." LHO's first diamond
> >being UI for declarer (only).
> Rueful Rabbit:
> What would Peter's ruling be if the contract was 3NT???
> In that case I would be inclined to believe that declarer encouraging 
> LHO's
> false inference as to the nature of the contract infracts Law 73F:

AG : I wouldn't. Barring very good reasons to the contrary, the simplest 
explanation is that declarer believes, in all good faith, that he is 
playing a trump contract.
I've seen this case at least twice. In both cases, at least one defender 
exclaimed "do WHAT ?", solving the problem in a non-academic way before 
it's too late.
Now there is a debate whether declarer has named an inexistent card (no 
penalty) or whether he's called for the suit on dummy's right (either 
card stands as played or unestablished revoke). A majority oin blml said 
it's the former.
Furthermore, in this case, dummy will probably be bamboozled by the 
instruction, and play nothing, hence no problem.

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