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Herman De Wael:

>>Someone told me the following case yesterday:
>>Declarer plays a diamond.
>>Before LHO can play to the trick, declarer says "ruff".
>>LHO plays a low diamond.
>>Dummy says "you have to follow suit", which is true.
>>LHO has a higher diamond than all the ones in dummy.
>>Can LHO change his played card?

Peter Eidt:

>Yes, LHO may change his played card.
>Law 57 C2 tells us that the diamond ruff is a played card.
>This played card constitutes a (not-yet-established) revoke, which
>is not brought to the attention of anybody yet.
>LHO plays after both hands of declarer have played to the trick.
>Now the revoke is noticed and declarer has to change his play from dummy.
>Finally Law 47 D kicks in telling that "After an opponent's change of play
>a played card may be withdrawn and returned to the hand without further
>rectification and another card may be substituted." LHO's first diamond
>being UI for declarer (only).

Rueful Rabbit:

What would Peter's ruling be if the contract was 3NT???

In that case I would be inclined to believe that declarer encouraging LHO's
false inference as to the nature of the contract infracts Law 73F:

"When a violation of the Proprieties described in this law results in damage
to an innocent opponent, if the Director determines that an innocent player
has drawn a false inference from a remark, manner, tempo, or the like, of an
opponent who has ++no demonstrable bridge reason for the action++, and
who ++could have known++, at the time of the action, that the action could
work to his benefit, the Director shall award an adjusted score (see Law 12C)."

In my opinion a "Probst cheat" could earn many matchpoints baffling
bewildered bunnies by trumping in No Trump.

Kind regards,



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