[BLML] interesting problem

Peter Eidt petereidt at t-online.de
Thu Nov 21 10:32:12 CET 2013

Von: Herman De Wael <hermandw at skynet.be>
> Someone told me the following case yesterday:
> Declarer plays a diamond.
> Before LHO can play to the trick, declarer says "ruff".
> LHO plays a low diamond.
> Dummy says "you have to follow suit", which is true.
> LHO has a higher diamond than all the ones in dummy.
> Can LHO change his played card?
> Herman.

Yes, LHO may change his played card.

Law 57 C2 tells us that the diamond ruff is a played card.
This played card constitutes a (not-yet-established) revoke, which
is not brought to the attention of anybody yet.
LHO plays after both hands of declarer have played to the trick.
Now the revoke is noticed and declarer has to change his play from dummy.
Finally Law 47 D kicks in telling that "After an opponent’s change of play 
a played card may be withdrawn and returned to the hand without further 
rectification and another card may be substituted." LHO's first diamond
being UI for declarer (only).

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