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Nonnus, Dionysiaca 2. 205 ff (trans. Rouse) (Greek epic C5th A.D.) :

"[When the monster Typhoeus laid siege to Olympos, all the gods except
for Zeus fled:] Zeus was alone, when Nike (Victory) came to comfort him,
scoring the high paths of the air with her shoe."

Because of a mixed reception to the new WBF decimalised Victory Point
scale, the WBF is conducting a survey of international players (I am not
even close to international standard, but an internationalist friend kindly
emailed me the link).

The three possible Victory Point scales surveyed by the WBF are:

(1) revert to the old 25-0 Victory Point scale, or

(2) maintain the current decimalised Victory Point scale, or

(3) adopt a +50 / -50 Victory Point scale, where 1 imp = 1 VP up to a
ceiling of plus or minus 50 imps. For psychological / euphemistic reasons
negative VPs will be avoided, thus a 100-0 Victory Point scale, so a match
ending in an exact tie will give each team 50 VPs.

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