[BLML] And I expect you'll all agree (was Delayed...) [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Sven Pran svenpran at online.no
Tue Nov 12 23:45:23 CET 2013

Why not simply revert to the meaning of "agreement" in plain English
language and use the ruling principles I was told back in 1980 (and have
used ever since):


For Law 70 to be applicable the claim must be contested before any score has
been "agreed upon" by being recorded and the hands thereafter have been
returned to the board. 

Later objections to the claim shall be handled under Law 69B (withdrawn


Richard HILLS


My modest proposal for the 2017 Claim Laws is that they should draw a

distinction between a non-established agreement of tricks (Law 79A1) and a

later established agreement of tricks (Law 69A).


Kind regards,


Richard "category (c)" Hills


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