[BLML] Delayed challenge to a claim [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Sven Pran svenpran at online.no
Mon Nov 11 22:59:59 CET 2013

>Hi Richard. I was looking at this and I think I found an error. Both sides
>did in fact agree on the number of tricks won before shuffling their cards
>and putting them back in the board. Now the non-claiming side is
>disagreeing. The point is, there is no infraction of L65D by the claiming
>Hence, the claiming side would get the benefit of doubt. Or at least [the
>non-claiming side’s] rights to claim ownership of a doubtful trick are
The non-claiming side did NOT agree to the claim and then withdraw that
agreement (in which case Law 69B would apply). Rather agreement with
the claim was never consummated in the first place (Law 69A applies).

Have you by any chance completely overlooked (or forgotten) Law 79A1 which

The number of tricks won shall be agreed upon before all four hands have
been returned to the board.

Where does this law put your argument? I consider Bob to be correct. 

If you maintain your position here I shall feel very comfortable imposing a
PP on you for returning hands to the board before the number of tricks won
has been agreed upon.

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