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Law 69, Agreed Claim or Concession

A. When Agreement is Established

Agreement is established when a contestant assents to an opponent's claim
or concession, and raises no objection to it before his side makes a call on a
subsequent board or before the round ends, whichever occurs first. The
board is scored as though the tricks claimed or conceded had been won or
lost in play.

B. Director's Decision

Agreement with a claim or concession (see A) may be withdrawn within the
Correction Period established under Law 79C:
1. if a player agreed to the loss of a trick his side had, in fact, won; or
2. if a player has agreed to the loss of a trick that his side would likely have
won had the play continued.
The board is rescored with such trick awarded to his side.

>Hi Richard. I was looking at this and I think I found an error. Both sides
>did in fact agree on the number of tricks won before shuffling their cards
>and putting them back in the board. Now the non-claiming side is
>disagreeing. The point is, there is no infraction of L65D by the claiming
>Hence, the claiming side would get the benefit of doubt. Or at least [the
>non-claiming side's] rights to claim ownership of a doubtful trick are


The non-claiming side did NOT agree to the claim and then withdraw that
agreement (in which case Law 69B would apply). Rather agreement with
the claim was never consummated in the first place (Law 69A applies).



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