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On Wed, 06 Nov 2013 22:07:36 -0500, Richard HILLS <richard.hills at immi.gov.au> wrote: 

>Declarer claims, saying dummy is good (diamonds and clubs). After the 
>hands are put back in the board, but before starting the next hand, the 
>defence contests the claim, noting that clubs are blocked and declarer 
>will end up in his hand. 
>So what happens? 
>It depends now on what declarer has in his hand. The question is, in 
>case of doubt, which is certainly the case tonight, who gets the benefit of 
>the doubt? 
>The rules seem clear that it is defending side. Even though they kind of 
>created the problem. 
Richard Hills: 
(1) The non-claimers did NOT create any irregularity whatsoever. A non- 
claiming side has a RIGHT to delay acceptance of a claim under Law 69A. 
(2) Law 70A’s prescription on “Doubt” merely states that “...any doubtful 
point ++as to a claim++ shall be resolved against the claimer...”. If there is 
doubt as to the cards played to tricks BEFORE the claim, then the relevant 
Laws are Law 65D and Law 85. 

I don't see how L65D is relevant. Can you explain? To recap, the players have put their cards back in the board and the defenders are now challenging the claim. 

(3) A competent Aussie Director would carefully take the time to re- 
construct the doubtful tricks before the claim. 
>So, it can be do the defenders’ advantage, if they want to dispute a claim, 
>to wait until the hands are shuffled and put back in the board? 
Richard Hills: 
(4) Giving an unthinking immediate ruling in favour of the non-claimers 
on the doubtful facts of the pre-claim played tricks is a Director’s Error. 
Lord Melbourne (British Prime Minister 1834, 1835 – 1841): 
“When in doubt what should be done, do nothing.” 

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