[BLML] Delayed challenge to a claim

Robert Frick rfrick at rfrick.info
Thu Nov 7 03:19:18 CET 2013

Declarer claims, saying dummy is good (diamonds and clubs). After the  
hands a put back in the board, but before starting the next hand, the  
defense contests the claim, noting that clubs are blocked and declarer  
will end up in his hand.

So what happens? It depends now on what declarer has in his hand. The  
question is, in case of doubt, which is certainly the case tonight, who  
gets the benefit of the doubt?

The rules seem clear that it is defending side. Even though they kind of  
created the problem.

  So, it can be do the defenders advantage, if they want to dispute a  
claim, to wait until the hands are shuffled and put back in the board?

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