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Sven Pran:

>This situation can probably best be described by a discussion among Norwegian
>directors some 30 years ago. We ended up with the (ridiculous) conclusion that all
>doubles of low level bids should be alerted whether they were for penalty or for
>takeout because the understanding would always be unexpected for some players!
>That conclusion of course never reached the regulation.

Richard Hills:

No, that attempt at "reductio ad absurdum" by the Norwegian Directors was flawed.

The ABF Pre-Alert regulation follows the guiding principle laid down by Herman
De Wael (what would beginners using their national methods think was normal and
usual?), with the ABF Pre-Alert regulation repeatedly using the key word "unusual".

The vast majority of players in ABF-land are aware of two ++usual++ forms of the
Stayman convention ("Simple" and "Extended"). So under the ABF Pre-Alert
regulation it is not an infraction if a recent arrival to Australia from Norway is not
pre-alerted about the unexpected (unexpected for this Norwegian only, not un-
expected for her Aussie partner) use of Extended Stayman by her opponents.

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