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This situation can probably best be described by a discussion among
Norwegian directors some 30 years ago. We ended up with the (ridiculous)
conclusion that all doubles of low level bids should be alerted whether they
were for penalty or for takeout because the understanding would always be
unexpected for some players!


That conclusion of course never reached the regulation. 


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ABF pre-Alert regulation, clause 3.1.2:


This is the stage where you should draw the opponents’ attention to

any unusual agreements you have which might surprise them, or to

which they may need to arrange a defence.



transfer pre-empts, unusual two level openings, canapé style bidding,

++very unusual doubles++, unusual methods over the opponents’

1NT or strong club openings, unusual cue bids of the opponents’

suit, etc.


Pay ++particular attention to unusual self-alerting calls++. These

should appear on your system card, but should also be verbally pre-



Richard Hills:


Each and every Double is self-Alerting during the auction in ABF-

land. However, in the Ali-Hills partnership we pre-Alert our doubling

methods, since we use non-penalty doubles after an overcall only if

our opening bid is 1C or 1D. For example, we have the “very

unusual” agreement that 1H – (1S) – X = penalty, not negative.


But because such a double of 1S is a natural call, not a conventional

call, on the information provided so far by Sven it seems that 1Sx

would be neither pre-Alerted nor Alerted in Norway, giving the Ali-

Hills partnership unexpected and unfair +800s when we visit Oslo.


David Burn, 20th December 2008:


“The trouble with this kind of discussion is that the Laws of bridge

and the accompanying regulations are for all bridge players, not

some tiny minority who play 25 different kinds of double, none of

them penalty and (if the above contribution is anything to go by)

most of them stupid. It is obviously in the interests of people who

play obscure doubles that they should not be alerted. It is not in

the interests of anyone else.”




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