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Mon Nov 4 13:35:17 CET 2013

Le 1/11/2013 8:30, Sven Pran a écrit :
> Norway seems to having selected a (slightly) different approach:
> (My translation): [...] Different environments have different 
> expectations to the meaning of calls. Thus basing alerts on 
> "common/unusual" has therefore proven unsatisfactory. Regulations are 
> now mainly based on "conventional/natural".
> The main rule is that all conventional calls shall be alerted [a few 
> examples]:
> - "natural" calls containing essential understanding beyond what 
> follows from the call being "natural".
> - "natural" calls with reasonable doubt about the demand level.
> - PASS when conventional [e.g. expecting a subsequent call other than 
> PASS from partner]

So, in Norway,  2D (Multi) - X - P  will be alertable if partner is 
expected to bid his long major, and non-alertable only if showing long 
diamonds ?

> - DOUBLE and REDOUBLE when conventional [i.e. not solely for penalty]

So, one should alert 2H - X as a takeout double ?

Not perfect ether. .Say that you play doubles of weak 2s as suggesting a 
penalty (Weiss). You don't alert, and the opponents never realize what 

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