[BLML] detaching a card (or not)

Nigel Guthrie g3 at nige1.com
Mon Nov 4 00:04:19 CET 2013

IMO a director can't just transmogrify into a spectator to avoid his duties. 
It is not within the director's prerogative to decide which irregularities 
to allow. Whether the director witnesses a blatant infraction by a known 
cheat or an accidental irregularity by a good friend -- he *must* rectify 
it, sooner or later.  A bizarre argument is that somehow it's unfair to pick 
on a particular rule-breaker when others are profiting from infractions at 
unsupervised tables; but victims deserve as much consideration as 
rule-breakers; and rule-enforcement deters would-be rule-breakers.

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