[BLML] detaching a card (or not)

Sven Pran svenpran at online.no
Sun Nov 3 10:41:48 CET 2013

> Robert Frick 
> I happened to be watching a table and saw a defender detach a card from
> hand while declarer was deciding what to play from the dummy. She says it
> below the table and no one could see. It didn't look that way to me when
it was
> first detached. But anyway.
> According to the laws, the issue is courtesy. Declarer didn't seem to
mind. If
> the defender wanted to hurry declarer, she should have held the detached
> about the table.
> Does anyone care about the card combination? Her partner led the jack of
> clubs, and dummy had Axxx. The detacher can't have the king without the
> queen, right?
> Or, suppose she regularly detaches cards. If she doesn't detach, that
> the king in this card combination? Right? I am thinking that the failure
> detach is not an irregularity and declarer cannot call the director to
> Still, I can imagine her partner getting a table feel that his partner has
the king.
> As you might guess, I dislike detaching and think it should be banned as
> UI.
> Are there any good articles on the information in a detachment?

[Sven Pran] 
You are correct that this is a matter of courtesy - Law 74B3

However: As spectator you are bound by Law 76 and in particular:
L76B2 - A spectator must not show any reaction to the bidding or play when a
deal is in progress.
L76B3 - During a round a spectator must refrain from mannerisms or remarks
of any kind and must have no conversation with a player.
L76B5 - A spectator at the table shall not draw attention to any aspect of
the game.
L76C1 - A spectator may speak as to fact or law within the playing area*
only when requested to do so by the Director.

So I believe this incident is none of your business (no insult intended!).

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