[BLML] detaching a card (or not)

Robert Frick rfrick at rfrick.info
Sun Nov 3 02:52:08 CET 2013

I happened to be watching a table and saw a defender detach a card from  
her hand while declarer was deciding what to play from the dummy. She says  
it was below the table and no one could see. It didn't look that way to me  
when it was first detached. But anyway.

According to the laws, the issue is courtesy. Declarer didn't seem to  
mind. If the defender wanted to hurry declarer, she should have held the  
detached card about the table.

Does anyone care about the card combination? Her partner led the jack of  
clubs, and dummy had Axxx. The detacher can't have the king without the  
queen, right?

Or, suppose she regularly detaches cards. If she doesn't detach, that  
suggests the king in this card combination? Right? I am thinking that the  
failure to detach is not an irregularity and declarer cannot call the  
director to complain. Still, I can imagine her partner getting a table  
feel that his partner has the king.

As you might guess, I dislike detaching and think it should be banned as  
giving UI.

Are there any good articles on the information in a detachment?

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