[BLML] Appeal No : 11.064B [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

PL gampas at aol.com
Thu Jan 31 19:17:14 CET 2013

On 31/01/2013 14:59, Nigel Guthrie wrote:
> [Paul]
> I have no problem with 2S or 3S. I would choose the former. I think I
> know the hand and partner psyched 1S. There is a different duty when you
> have UI and when you might be fielding a psyche. If one passed here,
> that would be fielding. If you have UI then you are obliged to select
> the LA that is not demonstrably suggested by the UI. There is no
> requirement whatsoever to select between LAs one that does not cater for
> partner having psyched. Pass would strongly suggest a CPU. Neither 2S
> nor 3S suggest that at all.
> [Nige1]
> If the UI indicates that partner may have psyched, then pass is out; but,
> IMO,  2S is out too, if that also caters for the UI;  provided that an LA
> (3S) is available, not suggested by the UI.
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The point you are missing is that the possibility of a psyche is 
authorised, but UI is not. A psyche does not convey UI, nor does the 
frequency of it. The ONLY issue is whether its frequency creates a CPU

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