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Richard HILLS richard.hills at immi.gov.au
Fri Jan 4 22:47:43 CET 2013


>>Director can rectify for damages. Which never happens. Because
>>there aren't any. I don't follow stupid petty foolish rules when
>>there is no punishment and breaking the rule just makes
>>everyone happy. There are different levels of morality, Ed.

Ed Reppert:

>"stupid, petty, etc"? Who appointed you God?
>"Different levels of morality". Pfui.

Richard Hills:

Yes and No.

In 1925 Harold Vanderbilt appointed himself God when he
abolished "the stupid petty foolish rules" of Auction Bridge to
create the rules of Contract Bridge (the original foundation for
the Laws of Duplicate Bridge).

On the other hand, I do not believe that morality is necessarily
only relative morality. One of my immutable principles is Thou
Shalt Not Steal.

So I believe that only an Evil Umpire would steal masterpoints
from a non-offending side to award them to an offending side,
because she ignores "the stupid petty foolish rule" that an
offending side must never gain an artificial score of Average-Plus.

Best wishes,

R.J.B. Hills


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