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Chief Justice Burn quoting Justice Allerton:

>Allerton, J's succinct phrase was "no agreement is not
>alertable", a principle that the Laws and Ethics Committee
>might profitably discuss.

Profitable discussion in the ABF Alert Regs, clause 3.2.2:

Two classes of natural calls must be alerted (unless they are
self-alerting), viz.

(a) The call is natural, but you have an agreement by which
your call is forcing or non-forcing in a way that your
opponents are unlikely to expect. Examples:
*Responder's first round jump shift on weak hands.
*A non-forcing suit response by an unpassed hand to an
opening suit bid (whether or not after intervention).
*A pass which forces partner to take action (e.g. SWINE).

(b) The call is natural, but its meaning is affected by other
agreements, which your opponents are unlikely to expect.
*A natural NT overcall in the direct position, which does
not promise a stopper in the overcalled suit.
*A jump raise of opener's one-level bid which may be
weak or pre-emptive.
*A single raise of partner's suit which may be strong or
forcing e.g. 1D - 2D forcing.
*The rebid in a canapé sequence where the second suit may
be longer than the first.
*A 1H opening which denies holding 4+ spades.

Richard Hills:

Note the repeated key phrase in the ABF Alert Regs of:

"your opponents are unlikely to expect";

which is the fundamental reason why the concept of
alerting has been widespread for four decades. Hence in
ABF-land an unexpected 1C - (1H) - 2C non-agreement or
(from an alternative point of view) an unexpected two-way
forcing/non-forcing implicit agreement about a 2C raise is
indeed necessarily alertable.

Best wishes,

R.J.B. Hills


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