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2.3.2 Appeals booklets for 2010 and 2011
FH had sent out the material prepared by NM to the reviewers. A deadline for replies was set at
December 1st, with a view to having them ready by the middle of January 2013.
Action: FH

5.5 OB, TB and WB rewrites for August 2013
The committee considered how best to embark on a major rewrite of the Orange Book, given that
the last edition was produced in 2006 and all subsequent editions have been based on
amendments. The chairman offered some suggestions as to how to do the work, but he hoped that
the new Orange Book would be no more than half the size of the present one.
MA considered that a rewrite of the OB/TB could not be done without a major review of the White
Book as well. FH said that the intention had been that the OB had been for tournament players, the
TB for club players and the WB for TDs but people from other groups used them, so it was an
artificial division. There was much duplication, material was just in the wrong place and some L&E
decisions were not in either.
It was agreed to proceed as follows:
White Book: All regulations to be included. The new edition would be divided into (possibly
three) sections (Laws commentaries, guidance, regulations). It was also suggested that it be
formulated so that pages could be changed easily without the need to completely publish a new
edition each year.
Orange Book / Tangerine Book: the ideal solution will be to merge the OB and TB back into
one book by removing regulations to the WB, but with references as to where to find them.
Principally the OB would just contain agreements and disclosure.
It was agreed that in time for the January L&E meeting that:
NM and JD - to look at the WB / OB split, removing unnecessary duplications
FH and DB - to look at the bidding regulations
JD - to look at suggested changes to alerting and announcing
MA and GE - to look at the WB law commentaries
JP - to check through L&E minutes for regulations changed and amended not incorporated
in either the WB or OB.
FH - offered to do the final editing when all the preparation work had been completed.
It was agreed that the Chairman would remind the Club Committee of the work in progress and
invite comments by the end of the year.
Action: ALL

5.7 Removal of boards from tables for slow play
There was discussion on two cases where boards had been removed for slow play and an
adjusted score given. GR asked that any guidance should be just that - the TD always has
judgement as to whether to allow a board to be played. It was suggested that now that time-clocks
were regularly in use at EBU events that a rule of thumb should be that no new boards should be
started once the time shown on the clock for the round falls below 3-minutes. It was suggested that
this could be included in congress programmes, but was a matter for the Tournament Committee
to decide on.
Regarding the adjusted score to be given, it was agreed that giving more than 100% on a board
(e.g. 60%/50%) should be rare as it appeared to reward a table that was slow. However it was
agreed that when one pair was clearly not at fault and the other pair partly at fault (perhaps from an
earlier table) for the slowness then it was permitted.

12.025 Crockfords Final
The chief TD had to intervene in a case where the Appeal Committee were on the verge of giving
an illegal (Reveley) ruling. It was confirmed that chief TDs could do this if they became aware.
Appeal Committees are encouraged to check points of law with the Chief TD in case of doubt.
It was agreed that new referees and Appeal Chairmen should be offered some training in what
their roles and permitted courses of action should be. Discussion would take place at a future
meeting on the format of this.

12.050 Brighton Mixed Pivot Teams
The appeals committee had changed its mind after making the ruling regarding the number of
tricks a contract was likely to make.
It was confirmed that appeals committees had all the powers conferred by the laws on a TD and if
they made a ruling they realised was incorrect they were empowered to change it.


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