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Peter Eidt

>Funny (?) case:
>Board 32, Dealer W, EW vul., Pairs
>(2D showed 24+ and 2H was a relay)
>After this auction West shouted at
>partner: "How can you pass my
>redouble!?!" and led one of his
>cards. North "duly" put down his 13
>cards and felt as a dummy.
>Up to this point we might know the
>answer, but ...
>... South ordered a card from "dummy"
>and East followed suit. The other 12
>tricks were played too and the result
>(South: 2HXX-1) was entered in the
>Only after the end of the tournament
>(but within the correction period),
>West realized at the bar, while
>talking about this hand with another
>player, that East should have been
>the declarer ...
>Any idea other than Avg-/Avg- ??

Richard Hills:

Yes and No.

Law 54E - Opening Lead by Wrong Side

If a player of the declaring side
attempts to make an opening lead Law
24 applies.

Law 24 prologue:

When the Director determines that
during the auction period because of
a player's own error one or more cards
of that player's hand were in position
for the face to be seen by his
partner, the Director shall require
that every such card be left face up
on the table until the auction period

Richard Hills:

Technically, while the auction has
ended, the auction period has not
ended. So there are 52 exposed cards
on the table.

Law 24 prologue:

If the offender becomes declarer or
dummy the cards are picked up and
returned to the hand. If the offender
becomes a defender every such card
becomes a penalty card (see Law 50),

Richard Hills:

So now the play of the hand legally
commences, with East as declarer and
North-South with 26 Penalty Cards.


This only happens if the Director
decides to exercise her discretion
to apply Law 82B2, "require ... the
play of a board".

Best wishes,

R.J.B. Hills


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