[BLML] complete ANeCdote incomplete? [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Hans van Staveren sater at xs4all.nl
Wed Feb 20 13:46:14 CET 2013

Agree with Herman here. I was about to react in a similar way.
By the way, this magical three card trick was won by dummy(with his "Ace" of
diamond), so it will be a two trick penalty revoke.
This has very little connection with the game of bridge anymore....


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Richard HILLS schreef:
>>However, from a blml point of view, the most important ANeCdote from 
>>the ANC was this ruling ->
>>Dummy had missorted their cards, placing the ace of hearts in the 
>>diamond suit. At an early stage, declarer called for the non-existent 
>>ace of "diamonds" from dummy. All other players followed suit with low 
>>diamonds, even the defender who actually held the real ace of 

This has to be considered an incomplete trick (one without a missing first
card). The fact that it is a diamond trick is confirmed, in this case, by
all three players following to diamonds. Since the ace of diamonds was
called, the actual "play" of the piece of cardboard showing an ace of hearts
is of no consequence.

>>Four tricks later, that defender tried to cash the real ace of 
>>diamonds. At that stage, the Director was called.

Ace of hearts restored to dummy - incomplete trick has to be conmpleted with
any diamond, and a revoke trick against dummy.

>>How would you rule?
> As TD I would seek further facts. Law 64B7 does not necessarily apply.
> When declarer led the so-called ace of "diamonds" from dummy, declarer 
> may have been void in hearts, thus declarer "following suit" with a 
> low diamond was in actuality declarer discarding due to being unable 
> to follow suit to the ace of hearts.
> If so, not any revoke by the declaring side. J J Best quibbles, 
> Richard Hills UNOFFICIAL

You cannot make a heart trick, and three revokes on the same trick, from a
trick which started, very clearly, with the ace of diamonds.


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