[BLML] Can a complete designation become incomplete?[SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Robert Frick rfrick at rfrick.info
Tue Feb 19 15:41:55 CET 2013

There is a reasonably easy resolution to this. (It uses Sven's thought for  
how to fix the laws concerning a played card.)

When a player says "three", the designation is not yet finished. According  
the Law 45C4(a), the play of the three probably is not yet compulsory.  
However, Law 46B3(b) requires the player to play a three. So the player  
must designate which three he intends to play, and now Law 45C4(a) kicks  
in and the intended call cannot be changed.

So the player calls for a "three" from dummy when there are two threes. He  
cannot change to the jack of hearts. (Richard, I now see, suggested  
otherwise. Sorry about repeatedly asking you a question you had answered.)

A player says "three of" and stops. The player has said three and must  
play a three.

Of course, if you as director let people change the designation of "three"  
(or "low" or "spade"), then they can always just change the others.

This works like the Belgium regulation, except it allows a player to  
change his designation when he does not finish the word (e.g., "thr"). It  
fits the ACBL regulation. It leads to reasonable rulings.

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