[BLML] Can a complete designation become incomplete? [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

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On Mon, 18 Feb 2013 21:59:04 -0500, Richard HILLS  
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>> This is all irrelevant, Richard. It was a given of the original
>> problem that she intended to say three. The idea that she
>> meant to say "jack" and her mouth made a mistake and it
>> came out "three" is farfetched.

You snipped the hard problem. Declarer calls for the three from dummy.  
Declarer meant one of the threes, but there are two threes so the call is  
ambiguous. Can declarer now play the jack of hearts?

>> .....
> Richard Hills, February 2013:
> No, it was an irrelevant given

No, that given avoids your pointless discussion of uninteresting issues.

  of the original problem that
> other players (perhaps falsely) believed that she intended to
> say "three". Only the Director has the Law 85 power to
> decide a player's (perhaps farfetched) original intent.
> Richard Hills, August 2004 (farfetched but true):
> The ANC (Australian National Championships) have just
> concluded. The most important happening there was that
> the ACT Open Team won the Interstate Open Teams for the
> first time in 20 years. No doubt that gold medal was due
> solely to the fact that this year I failed to qualify as a
> member of the ACT Open Team.
> However, from a blml point of view, the most important
> ANeCdote from the ANC was this ruling ->
> Dummy had missorted their cards, placing the ace of
> hearts in the diamond suit. At an early stage, declarer
> called for the non-existent ace of "diamonds" from
> dummy. All other players followed suit with low
> diamonds, even the defender who actually held the real
> ace of diamonds.
> Four tricks later, that defender tried to cash the real ace of
> diamonds. At that stage, the Director was called.
> How would you rule?
> Best wishes,
> R.J.B. Hills
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