[BLML] EBU Director exam 2009 question 8 [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Richard HILLS richard.hills at immi.gov.au
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Professor Richard Wiseman:

"An eight-month study of creativity in the workplace
conducted by Robert Ulrich at Texas A&M University
showed that adding flowers and plants to an office
resulted in a 15 percent increase in ideas from male
employees and more flexible solutions to problems
from their female counterparts."

Steve Willner:

>I thought the intent of [Law] 9B1c was to grant the
>same sort of right for all other situations, even if not
>explicitly mentioned. That is, a player who knows
>all the Laws and reacts quickly shouldn't benefit
>over a person who is unfamiliar with the Laws or
>reacts slowly.

Richard Hills:

Not as such.

I know all the Laws (as I proofread the drafts of the
2007 Lawbook), so as a defender I do not draw any
attention to declarer's unestablished revoke. Only
when declarer's revoke is established do I draw
attention and consequently summon the Director.

And as declarer I may or may not draw attention to
a defender's unestablished revoke, depending upon
my assessment of whether a Penalty Card is more
beneficial to the Ali-Hills partnership than the benefit
of a revoke rectification.

Furthermore, when Ali-Hills are conducting a game
force relay auction we always accept an insufficient
bid, gaining several steps in our relay auction (or,
alternatively, guaranteeing a penalty double of the
undercaller, who might otherwise opt to replace her
IB with a Pass).

Best wishes,

R.J.B. Hills


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