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Steve Willner:

>My question was not about the procedure but about the timing.
>The 1997 version (and I think previous versions) contained the
>word "immediately". That was removed in 2007, and I don't see
>any replacement. So is it now OK to say "Do we agree that your
>1S bid three rounds of the auction ago was slow?" If not, why
>not? If so, why does it make sense?

Grattan Endicott, November 2008, Law 16B2 timing with screens:

+=+ When the player on the receiving side of the screen does
neither what he "may" do (Law 16B2) nor what he "should" do
(Law 16B3) there is an obvious presumption that at the time he
saw no irregularity. If the question is raised later the Director,
being appropriately sceptical, may well think that the player's
partner has drawn his attention to the fact that there was a delay,
something he had not particularly noticed previously. The fact
that the player who paused says "oh yes, I did take some time to
reach a decision" does not add anything relevant to the facts. The
question is what the players on the receiving side of the screen
observed. This is the kind of thing the Director should determine,
and is best placed to explore, before the question goes to the
appeal committee. In the AC it is easy to get drawn into facts
as worked out jointly by the two partners rather than facts as
observed only on the receiving side of the screen. ~ Grattan ~ +=+


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