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Example of Jane Austen irony:

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in
possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

Example of Richard Hills irony:

>>If the Laws were changed so that all four hands were
>>exposed face up on the table throughout the auction and
>>play, then there would no longer be any need for the
>>morass of complex and confusing MI rules.

Nigel Guthrie:

>Richard's suggestion would render most of the auction
>superfluous. For some players, it would make the play

Richard Hills:

Precisely my point: that Law changes to fix one problem
may have unintended consequences which create many
other problems.

Nigel Guthrie:

>Richard is aware that other suggestions have been
>proposed that would preserve Bridge's enjoyable nature
>but would make ruling simpler clearer, and more

Richard Hills:

Richard is aware that Nigel Guthrie is so enamoured of
his proposed changes to the claim Laws that he assumes
that the WBF Laws Committee "must" have an ulterior
motive (i.e. providing entertainment for Directors) in
their refusal to adopt Nigel's "obviously" superior idea.

But Duplicate Bridge's enjoyable nature would not be
preserved if it became easier for unethical declarers to
ch**t with dubious claims. That is why the powers-
that-be sensibly require that after a doubted claim:

a) play ceases, and
b) the Director adjudicates the claim, and
c) doubtful points are decided against the claimer.

Best wishes,

R.J.B. Hills


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