[BLML] EBU Director exam 2009 question 8 [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Sven Pran svenpran at online.no
Thu Feb 7 10:47:36 CET 2013

Usually the same (using bid boxes)
But that doesn't change the fact that a spoken call has the effect of a call
made, and the use of bid boxes is not compulsory.

(And my law reference should have been to Law 31B footnote, I inadvertently
mixed in a separate discussion where the replacement call was a pass.)

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> > The now removed Law 25B allowed a player to change his intended call
> > even when his LHO did not accept the change. This unfortunate law has
> > been removed.
> >
> > If the player just says that he wants to change his intended call
> > without naming a new call I agree that he may not do so, but once he
> > names a new call I consider this as he has already made the change.
> How do you make calls in Norway?
> In most countries they are made by taking some piece of cardboard out of
> the bidding box or by writing something on a bidding pad and not by naming
> it.
> > Technically he has called out of turn at his LHO's turn to call, see
> > Law 30B3 (leading to Law 25).
> ????
> > That IMHO is the case here. (But I may of course be wrong?)
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