[BLML] EBU Director exam 2009 question 8 [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Peter Eidt petereidt at t-online.de
Thu Feb 7 10:39:03 CET 2013

Von: "Sven Pran" <svenpran at online.no>
> The now removed Law 25B allowed a player to change his intended call
> even when his LHO did not accept the change. This unfortunate law has
> been removed.
> If the player just says that he wants to change his intended call
> without naming a new call I agree that he may not do so, but once he
> names a new call I consider this as he has already made the change.

How do you make calls in Norway?

In most countries they are made by taking some piece
of cardboard out of the bidding box or by writing something
on a bidding pad and not by naming it.

> Technically he has called out of turn at his LHO's turn to call, see
> Law 30B3 (leading to Law 25).

> That IMHO is the case here. (But I may of course be wrong?)

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