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Then what are the consequences (if any) of the named pass?


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if I understand the question correctly I am one of anyone. 


The TD does not allow the change.  So the these is true.

Only in the case where a player changes an intended call himself before the
TD is called the option to accept that substituted call LHO is offered to
accept it.  Not if a player asks the TD permission to change it. 








There was no director: it was a question with true/false choice of answers
provided. You've given your answer. What makes you think anyone disagrees
with it?

Gordon Rainsford

On 07/02/2013 08:11, Sven Pran wrote:

Oh dear!

Law 25B1: 

A substituted call not permitted by A may be accepted by the offender’s LHO.

Send the Director back to school!


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Richard HILLS
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A few seconds pass. Before South calls East calls the

Director and asks to change his call to 2D because he

forgot he was playing transfers. South is happy to

allow the change.


The Director will not allow the change and rules the

2H bid must stand.




Law references:



Best wishes,


Richard Hills


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