[BLML] L16B2

Steve Willner swillner at nhcc.net
Tue Feb 5 03:27:58 CET 2013

"When a player considers that an opponent has made such information
available and that damage could well result he may announce..."

Are there any restrictions on _when_ the player may so announce?  I've 
always assumed it had to be done immediately, but now that I look, I 
don't see a time limit (or "immediately" or such) in the Law.  Did the 
law change?  Announcing a possible tempo break much later in the auction 
("Do we agree your partner's 2C bid [three rounds of the auction ago 
when we're now at the five level] was slow?") is very distracting.  Is 
it legal?  It seems pointless because if there was UI, it has probably 
already been "used."

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