[BLML] intended meaning?

Robert Frick rfrick at rfrick.info
Fri Feb 1 17:32:53 CET 2013

P   P  1H  P
2C  P  2D  2D

2D was insufficient. He meant to double to show diamonds (the opps were in  
a Drury sequence).

So the intended meaning was to show diamonds. Do you allow the replacement  
of a double? It would seem to depend on the precise wording of whatever  
L227B1(b) should be.

The background is a player answers 4H to Blackwood, intending to show 2  
controls and the queen. The bid of 5S has exactly the intended meaning,  
but in the unwritten small print of L27B1(b), I think the nonbarring  
replacement is 5H.


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