[BLML] once again, UI from allowed source

Alain Gottcheiner agot at ulb.ac.be
Mon Aug 26 13:05:47 CEST 2013

Dear blmlists,

We had the following case last tuesday :

E dealer.

E        S        W        N

p        3C*    p          3NT**
p        ?

* below opening, 55+ including clubs
** to play facing 55 minors, agrees majors (whence slam is possible if 
opener has one). This esoteric device, recently added to your system,  
is aimed at avoiding going overboard after a relay 3H and a 4C answer.

You hold : x - ATxxx - x - QJTxxx, and have an easy 4H bid (hearts, but 
However, the dog didn't bark, or rather, partner produced that 3NT bid 
with ease (notice that this particular partner never loses his stiff 
upper lip, but can occasionally think for some time)

a) do you consider there is UI from partner's smooth tempo, that is, he 
didn't think about that bizarre gadget ? Or are you allowed to be 
alerted by the fact that a natural 3NT would be strange ?

b) while you think about the proper action, you remark that East has in 
fact opened 1S, which explains the rest. That's information you are 
entitled to, but can one pretend that the same UI helped you reconsider 
things and see it ?

c) or am I just a tortured soul ?

Best regards


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