[BLML] defenders' concession

Matthias Berghaus ziffbridge at t-online.de
Sun Aug 25 23:41:10 CEST 2013

Am 25.08.2013 21:31, schrieb Petrus Schuster OSB:
> 33     108
> Nord   102
> none   432
>          AK10974
> 43            K9765
> AKDB85        94
> AB105         K6
> 2             DB65
>          ADB2
>          763
>          D987
>          83
> E is in 3NT, opening lead D7 to the 10. Declarer now leads C2 taken by the
> ace, N continues with a club to the queen (spade from dummy). Declarer now
> plays DK and plays 4 rounds of hearts.
> At this point, South concedes saying "One trick to the spade ace." and
> North immediately objects, so play continues.
> Declarer is now convinced that the DQ is offside and misses the endplay.
> Any redress?

Tough. So what happened? South saw the endplay and conceded. North, for 
whatever reason, objected, which is his right. Declarer drew conclusions 
and did not come up with the right answer. Was there any intention to 
deceive? I have no idea, not being able to talk to the players. North 
probably objected on the grounds that he thought declarer unable to 
figure out the endplay, though it should be nigh impossible to miss, the 
diamond spots being a dead giveaway, or because he had no idea why S 
conceded, but if S holds an Ace and he holds an Ace....

I do not like to give something to a player who plays like East, or a 
player who defends like North, but without knowledge of the players I 
can`t really answer your question.

My best guess is that North is a sponsor and S a pro, and that N didn`t 
understand why S conceded, so he objected. N does not have to have a 
_good_ reason for the objection, as long as there is no intention to 

Best regards

> Regards,
> Petrus
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