[BLML] Procedure if you suspect a board has not been reshuffled

Hans van Staveren sater at xs4all.nl
Wed Aug 21 14:05:56 CEST 2013

There is a well-known bug in the dealing program from Jannersten, that under
rare conditions deals 13 spades to N, 13 hearts to E, etc..
My experience at high level is that a substantial number of players first
bid this board, and after it becomes clear how the cards lie call the TD.

And I think they are right to do so.

However, given the fact, that if you have 13 spades as North under current
software conditions the chance of a fuckup is tens of orders of magnitude
larger than a real occurrence, I will not fault a player who calls the TD
straight away.


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At a tournament a few days ago, I sat West both sessions, and my West hand
for the first board of the second session looked quite familiar.  I called
the TD, who confirmed that our section had gotten a spare set of
first-session boards and took them back.

But what if I had been wrong?  There would have been serious extraneous
information problems, as everyone would know that my hand looked familiar.
For example, if I opened 3S and the spade preempt from the first session was
on KQTxxxx - xxx xxx, there would be UI for partner and AI for opponents
that I had KQTxxxx of spades and a heart void.

Should players avoid this problem by playing out the first board and only
then reporting that the hand looks familiar, or is there a better procedure?

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