[BLML] Controversial case (repost)

Alain Gottcheiner agot at ulb.ac.be
Mon Aug 19 17:10:13 CEST 2013

Le 19/08/2013 15:38, Henk Uijterwaal a écrit :
> Jeff,
>>   NS unknown but apparently fairly weak.
> [...]
>> it was simply a guess (and probably not a very good one) that happened
>> to be successful.
> I don't quite see the problem here.  South was clueless but guessed right.
> Henk
Remembers me of an old case (EEC championships, Birmingham  ca 1981, 
meaning pre-BB era)

S    W    N    E

1S  p     p     X

North : "but you can't do that !"
He hadn't heard my opening bid.
Now that's UI for you.

We ended in 4S making 5.

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