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controversial case
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The following hand caused quite a controversy at a recent tournament.  Dealer S,
all white, no screens


642                                  KQ10985
3                                      Q82
Q1032                              976
76432                               10


Bidding:    S        W       N      E
                 2he     ps      ps      2sp
                 3NT    ps      4he    ps
                 6he  all pass

Unusual bidding as you can see.
2he was (system card and info from N) weak, 5 hearts and another 5-card suit.
West was a very strong player, NS unknown but apparently fairly weak.  The
tournament did not have a very strong field and NS were 73rd (from 100) with 46%.
When asked why she opened 2he, S said that she saw so many HCPs and didn't know
what to do so bid 2he.

Analysis of TD at the table:  There was UI for S but her 3NT bid is acceptable;
she knows she has 24 HCPs without the UI.  4 hearts is also normal since South's
opening promises hearts.  North cannot know what South has.  After 3NT he knows
that she is very strong and that 2he was a misbid.  He is also confident that
she has hearts.
The question arose about the 6he bid.    According to TBS §16B1(a) the receiver
of UI (South in this case) may not choose an action suggested by the UI.  She
knows her partner is weak (But she probably knows this without the UI since she
has 24 HCPs and the opponents bid 2 spades; and she knows he prefers hearts.)
But as far as we could see (the TDs at the tournament) 6he was not suggested by
the UI; it was simply a guess (and probably not a very good one) that happened
to be successful.

Your opinions?

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