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Alan Bennett, Getting On (1972), act 1:

"We started off trying to set up a small anarchist community, but
people wouldn't obey the rules."

Jeff Easterson:

>This dialogue is most interesting and I'd be interested to learn the
>opinions of a few other blmlers who have, until now, been
>uncharacteristically reticent.
>Both of their positions seem reasonable to me but that doesn't
>solve the problem.

Problem-solving Law 81C2:

"The Director (not the players) has the responsibility for rectifying
irregularities and redressing damage. The Director's duties and
powers normally include also the following: to administer and
++interpret these Laws++ and to advise the players of their rights
and responsibilities thereunder."

Jeff Easterson:

>And my congratulations concerning the tone of the discussion. (I
>have memories of discussions many years ago. All postings polite,
>friendly, well-argued. A good case. How about a few comments
>from those of you who make the rules?
>Ciao,  JE

Richard Hills:

Did I make the rules? Yes and No.

I proofread drafts of the 2007 Laws in general, and Law 75 in
particular, helping to remove ambiguities as a semi-official gremlin
on the shoulder. But even then my proofreading suggestions were
null and void unless and until endorsed by the Drafting Committee.

My two cents worth is this: When an ambiguity in the Laws (such
as whether declarer is entitled to become dummy after a second
OLOOT) is resolved by the Director under Law 81C2, then the TD
should normally follow the meta-rule of interpreting the ambiguity
in favour of the non-offending side. Similar to the idea in Law 84D:

"The Director rules any ++doubtful point in favour of the non-
offending side++. He seeks to restore equity. If in his judgement it
is probable that a non-offending side has been damaged by an
irregularity for which these laws provide no rectification he adjusts
the score (see Law 12)."


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