[BLML] Thursday Aug. 8, just following the rules when I can

Herman De Wael hermandw at skynet.be
Sun Aug 11 10:00:58 CEST 2013

Robert Frick schreef:
> 3. 2D  3C  3D   P
>      ?
> KT98
> A5
> 92
> The player has unauthorized source of information that his partner thinks
> 2D was a weak two in diamonds. He meant it as Flannery. To determine the
> LA's, I ask people what they would bid "using the methods of the
> partnership."

NO, not in the case of UI. You ask what they would have done without the 
UI. Which, in this case is:
"you open this hand Flannery, and the bidding goes ... what do you do".
Most probably, the pollee will ask "how certain am I that partner knows 
I am playing Flannery?" in which case you say "not certain at all". If 
pollee does not ask anything like that, you ask a second question "what 
if you're not absolutely certain you are playing Flannery?".
The LAs will be determined by the answers to those questions.

> Which apparently was weak two's. I think if you are playing
> weak two's, forget and open this Flannery, you are likely to take a 3H
> call. But of course no one actually rules that way.
> Reality is that the players are uncertain what they are playing. They
> don't play together often. It's a lot easier for 3D to be a wake-up call
> when you are uncertain what you are playing. So he could say to himself,
> "She seems to be taking my bid as a weak two."

And the knowledge that you have not firmly established system is AI to you!

> I guess it is good that the rules are just wrong on this so I can put in
> something plausible instead?
which is about the same thing as what I said.


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