[BLML] Walks like a duck and miaows like a cat [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

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The late Alan LeBendig, May 1996:

>I respectfully submit that you're wrong, David. In
>applying 16B [now the 2007 Law 16C, Extraneous
>Information from Other Sources] we're saying that
>even though we can't say that the UI from partner
>suggested your rather strange bidding, we feel you
>knew something from some source. Since we
>believe that and you didn't report it to the TD

2007 Law 16C1, concluding phrases:

"the Director should be notified forthwith, preferably
by the recipient of the information."

The late Alan LeBendig, May 1996:

>we are going to adjust. We in no way suggest
>what that source was. We don't have to determine
>that to apply this Law. But it does get us back to
>equity when we feel it is necessary. I'd much rather
>do this than say a slow action had a fairly clear
>meaning to it when I don't believe it did. Such a
>ruling does not automatically carry an accusation of
>bad ethics. However, the suggestion is usually
>there. Since no sanction is applied, it is merely a
>bridge decision.

David Stevenson, May 1996:

I open 1H: my partner bids 3H: with a fine disregard
for common-sense I bid 6H which no-one in their right
mind would bid: few would even make a slam try. My
opponents are a bit miffed when it turns out to be a
miracle fit and makes so they call the TD.

Grattan Endicott, May 2004:

>>+=+ An interesting thought. I have not seen, as far
>>as I recall, a regulation in any competition that
>>actually says "It is forbidden to play inferior bridge".

David Stevenson, May 1996:

He decides (or perhaps an AC later decides) that
equity is 4H+2 (after all, no-one else bid it) so he rules
under L16B [now the 2007 Law 16C, Extraneous
Information from Other Sources] that I had UI available.

Remember Salem!

I cannot believe that you are prepared to assume UI
just because the opponents got a good board.

Remember "If it walks like a duck and quacks like a
duck, then it is a duck"? This sort of case is "If it walks
like a duck and miaows like a cat, then it is a duck
because we say so."

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