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>>An artificial bid isn't _necessarily_ the same as a
>>special partnership understanding. Law 40B1(b)
>>is not clear, but rather murky, as it has this caveat:
>>"unless the Regulating Authority decides

>Uh, huh. Which RA has "decided otherwise" and
>for which conventions or artificial calls?

ABF System Regulations

2.1 Green (Natural) Systems

a) All one-level opening bids are natural (non-
artificial) bids

b) An opening bid of one of a suit guarantees length
(3+ cards) in the denomination named
++(Exception: a 4-4-3-2 shaped hand may be
opened 1C)++

c) 1NT should be balanced
(Note: this ++does not preclude individual
assessment++ of some hands, e.g. a hand with a
singleton honour or a weak longer suit. The
subsequent bidding methods however, should not
be able to identify such hand types)

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