[BLML] How do you explain UIruling to a novice? [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

David Grabiner grabiner at alumni.princeton.edu
Sun Sep 16 02:56:26 CEST 2012

"Robert Frick" <rfrick at rfrick.info> writes:
> But since Ed is just disagreeing with an irrelevant part of the example,
> it's probably easier just to change the example.
> A player puts down a bidding card showing no aces, says "oops, I have one
> ace", and the opponents call you to the table. You ascertain that the
> actual bid showed no aces. You tell the player he must ignore what his
> partner said. The player then bids a slam, even though he has only two
> aces and no voids.
> In may way of thinking, the player has egregiously used the UI and
> violated L73C. The player then goes down in the slam, so Ed says the
> player has not taken advantage of the UI and there is no L73C violation. I
> don't particularly like Ed's interpretation, but it seems to be a possible
> interpretation.

I would say that it is a violation, and (if the player should have known better) 
he is still subject to a procedural penalty.  He violated L73C because he did 
not "carefully avoid taking advantage", and L16A because he chose a bid over a 
logical alternative, and he can be penalized for those violations.

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