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L.D. Nelson and J.P. Simmons (2007), “Moniker
Maladies. When Names Sabotage Success.”:

It seems that people with names like Adlai and Bill
tend to go to better law schools than do those with
names like Chester and Dwight.

Explanation by Professor Richard Wiseman:

In most forms of testing, those who have done well
are awarded As and Bs, whereas those towards
the bottom of the class tend to receive Cs and Ds.
Remarkable as it may seem, the results revealed
that students with first or last names starting with an
A or B obtained significantly higher grade-point
averages than those beginning with C or D.

Richard Hills:

In the large number of ACBL and EBU appeals
casebooks I have read, not once has an amateur
Appeals Committee cancelled a procedural
penalty imposed by the professional Director in


Many times the professional Director in charge
has avoided imposing a procedural penalty, but
the amateur Appeals Committee has overruled
that decision.

Perhaps amateur Appeals Committees are overly
influenced by the language of the Lawbook.

"Offending side" is etymologically related to
"offensive", and _surely_ anyone who dares to be
offensive _deserves_ a procedural penalty.

WBF Laws Committee minutes 20th October 2011:

6. The Committee noted for the next review of the
Laws a request that the concept of an “offending”
player or side be reconsidered where it occurs in
the Laws.

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