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Alain Gottcheiner agot at ulb.ac.be
Wed Nov 28 15:36:49 CET 2012

Le 27/11/2012 22:09, richard.hills at immi.gov.au a écrit :
> Alain Gottcheiner:
> >.....
> >BTW, here is why I came in possession of the system notes.
> >
> >I wrote them.
> >
> >The question was to judge whether I would continue
> >playing with the partner in question without having bad
> >feelings about the pair's ethics.
> Richard Hills:
> One old partner of mine, Bruce Williams, died a few days
> ago.
> An anecdote about Bruce Williams meeting the Aussie
> international player Jim Borin at the bridge table. Most of
> Borin's success at the bridge table was due to his
> undoubted skill, but Borin gained an extra edge by
> constant peeking. So Bruce used the old trick of placing
> his queen of spades amongst his clubs, then "accidentally"
> permitting Borin a quick glance at Bruce's cards. When Borin
> then took the two-way club finesse the wrong way, Bruce
> winked at him.
> As the cliche goes, "It takes a thief to catch a thief."
AG : here I don't want to call him a thief. He isn't. I'm only concerned 
about possible opponents' bad feelings.

In the last two examples, there probably wasn't anything wrong except 
wishful thinking leading to MI, and MI is only a mild infraction. And 
also perhaps that "psyche BW response" somebody alluded to. Niotice that 
had partner answered honestly (5S) I would have taken this as a sign-off 
and we wouldn't have played the bad slam, but that's another story.
And in the first there was surely a complete blackout, with perhaps 
forgetteing to correct.

The idea was to ask you what you would think about all this, in order to 
know what opponents might think about it, and whether it could be a 
It misfired.

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