[BLML] Conceding a knockout match while 80-oddimpsahead?[SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Ben Schelen B.Schelen at Claranet.NL
Thu Nov 22 21:27:36 CET 2012

Dear Kojak,


Thank you for telling after all these years what really happened.

In doing so you have completely ruined what was originally a very nice and instructive story to me.

Thank goodness; my memory and hearing are as good now as they were twenty years ago.



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  I'm breaking my vow to not answer or involve myself to the extent that the gurus, experts, self-styled TDs, and those who have  the time to pose,  but I would like to make it clear to those who know me that Mr. Ben Schelen has  described a situation which was not what happened.  Please bear with me, -- or hit delete if you so desire - but what really happened was the following:  THE QUOTE OF ME IS INACCURATE though funny.

  Two ladies told me that they were withdrawing after the first session of a two session PAIR game. They had so far played against half of the contestants they were scheduled to play and had given away top scores all over the place.  I asked them why they wanted to withdraw - was there an emergency? - was someone ill? - were they aware that they had made a contract by buying an entry for a two session event which was only half over? - did someone insult them? - etc.  They told me that they didn't like the game, they had no chance to win -and they were going home, and that's all.

  Consider what effect they have already had on the half of the contestants they played against, and what effect they would have in fairness to contestants they had not yet met if they were not to continue.  I explained this to them and asked them to continue play since they had no cogent reason for withdrawal.  They were not angry with each other, they had no altercations with the other players, they simply played badly.  I "think" (memory is not sure) they were not members of the ACBL.  No other contestants complained about them or had a table problem. I explained and stressed the problem that they were creating -- not for me, but for the other players.

  This was not a team game wherein the only affected party would have been the other TEAM. I fully support withdrawals in KO teams. 

  I told them they were doing something which was against good manners, bridge, and the entry they bought.  They told me they didn't care about the money.  I told them that were they to leave I would have to convene a Conduct Committee, and they would probably be barred from playing during the rest of the tournament.  I DID NOT tell them that I would bar them from ever playing bridge again - I've enough sense to know that this is not a prerogative of the TD  and a ridiculous statement. Nor did I offer to get their coats, escort them, and hail a cab.  Makes for a funny sequence, but it didn't happen. 

  And as I recall  THEY STAYED AND PLAYED.

  Quote me accurately - like at the end of Albuquerque and I'll pay the price,  --  

  but misquote me and I will protect my performance in my profession for over half a century.


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    "Henk Uijterwaal" <henk.uijterwaal at gmail.com> writes:

    > On 15/11/2012 12:57, Ben Schelen wrote:
    >> Hans,
    >> Kojak vertelde mij eens dat twee dames naar hem toekwamen om hem te vertellen
    >> dat zij de volgende zittingen niet meer zouden meespelen en naar huis gingen:
    >> zij hadden geen kansen meer.
    >> Kojak zei toen het volgende: ik zal jullie in de jas helpen, ik zal jullie
    >> begeleiden op de trap, ik zal een taxi voor jullie roepen, maar als jullie nu
    >> naar huis gaan, zal ik ervoor zorgen dat jullie de laatste kaart hebben 
    >> gelegd
    >> in Tournament Bridge.
    > Translated:
    > Kojak once told me that 2 ladies came to him to tell him that they would not
    > play in the remaining sessions and were going home.  They had no chance to win
    > the event anymore.
    > Kojak then said: I'll get your coats, escort you down the stairs, hail a cab,
    > but if you leave now, I'm make sure that this was the last card you've ever
    > played in a bridge tournament.
    > - - -
    > I'm slightly surprised by this statement, considering that withdrawing from an
    > event is something that frequently happens in the US.  (At least, orders of
    > magnitude more than in Europe).

    Even in the US, a withdrawal is only allowed if it will not disrupt the 
    tournament; a team which wishes to withdraw should ask the director for 
    permission.  Withdrawing in the middle of a two-session round-robin or a pairs 
    game with a two-session movement will create byes and may be unfair to the 

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